MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition at Liberty Science Center

We were invited last weekend to one of my families favorite place  The Liberty Science Center in the heart of Jersey City, New Jersey. Thanks to the lovely MomTrends we where able to experience the awesome New exhibit for Discovery Channel hit show MythBusters. When I tell you I truly believe my husband was the most excited to attend he’s been a fan since the show aired back in 2003.

The exhibit is amazing, its designed to look just like operation room of the show’s set. The Blueprint Room showcases more than 60 artifacts and more than 700 experiments conducted on the show, isn’t that cool! It didn’t take long for Angel and Alyssa to dive in to many of the exhibits to test the Myths themselves. Like TableCloth Chaos which my little magician tried her self  and Airplane on a conveyor belt. Can a airplane take off in once direction while its on a conveyor belt?

They also tried a gander on Cliffhanger exhibit to test how long you can hang on the edge of the building ledge? To say the least I know I don’t have spiderman on my hands because it sure was pretty hard to stay on.

Also along with all the great exhibits where you can test your self and read about, there is also a Live Demonstration Stage where the Myths are tested out live and even more fun you can volunteer to be apart of the live show, how cool right? This by far was my husbands favorite part he’s played paintball professionally since he was a kid and sure enough they tested a speed theory using a paintball gun .My little one was so excited to see herself later that day on LSC Facebook page.

This exhibit has something cool for every age boy or girl. I love that its so interactive this exhibit is for everyone. Below are just a few more cool things to check out.


Along with the MYTHBUSTERS  exhibit there is tons to check out at LSC its totally a whole day fun kind of place and if you have never been please run don’t walk. Theres tons of super fun things going on daily .



MythBusters: The Explosive Exhitbition will be at Liberty Science Center from February 18 through September 4, 2017. MythBusters is a premium exhibition, and it  available with Purchase of a combination pass($27.75 for adults , $24.75 for seniors 62 and over, and for children ages 2-12 its $22.75) For more information visit Liberty Science Center website.



**As always all opinions are my own. This is a sponsored post. Thank you as always to Momtrends and  The 411 Mommas.