New York Baby Show 2018 Top 3 Picks.



So this year I attended the NewYorkBabyShow with my little sidekick Alyssa thanks to Momtrends. Thanks for treating us so well at the Blogger lounge where we got to see the inside scoop on the new line of JuJuBe bags . They are so beautifully made and yet I may no longer have a toddler i will so rock anyone of their bags. They are so roomy and well crafted. Thanks to Boston Market for keeping us feed to get our strength up for the many many brands to see .



There of course where so many amazing brands from Huggies to even a cruise company Empire Cruises.  Truly there was something for everyone.


There are 3 brands that stuck out the most for us. First was LuvBug  They stuck out mainly because my little luv bug Hailey is a competitive swimmer and I’ve been searching for a good towel that is not only lightweight but durable and dries quickly. We all most certainly all know the struggle of summer laundry and that one hassle I did not want this summer. They also offer an arrangement of different styles and color or every little boy and little girl in your life. They are safe to us to any age. Along with the towels they offer snack bags for the on the go kid and also wet bags to store bathing suits . I love that its a small and efficient company.



The Second Brand that stuck out for us because not only is there brand amazing their entire staff are so friendly so much Alyssa didn’t want to leave there booth at all. They offer carriers that in my opinion are the most comfortable LillieBaby.  made it where siblings can even join in, they offer carriers for siblings. They can practice carrying there own stuff animal or favorite doll. LillieBaby offers carriers ,wraps and Slings. There collaborations with disney are amazing especially  my favorite the Incredibles 2.

The 3rd top pick is A company from Europe they are new to the states. This company is amazing , in this day in age of kids always connected to their devices its great to see them disconnect a bit and use there imagination with Lunii. This storyteller allow your child to make up their own stories . Each device comes with several stories and you can also purchase more stories for your childs enjoyment.



I also wanted to mention a few other brands we also liked TravelTray. They are a unique traveling system that fits in any car cup holder and car seat and stroller great for this traveling on the go mom like many of us out there. They come in so many beautiful colors.




Lastly I truly believe that Melissa Munn from FaceArtByMelissa was Miss Alyssa’s favorite part of the day. Melissa painted my little princess so beautifully. Thank you for taking my little one as you where about to leave , your amazing.


A big thanks again for Momtrends for having 411 Mommas and Mrzmomof3 we enjoyed speaking to all the wonderful brands. Make sure you check out the NewYorkBabyShow next year and visit there site for all things babies.