Planning Amaya’s Sweet 16!!!!!


OK …So how was it that time has passed by so quickly that i find my self planning my first borns Sweet 16. Its so hard envisioning with your kids when they are younger that one day they will be young adults let alone 16 and then be able to drive (ohhh man).I remember the days having the conversations with my mom and Amaya about celebrating her Sweet 16. It has always been something personally important to me because i didn’t have a Sweet 16 so Naturally I always said my daughters will surely have one.  So, there is no need to PANIC… Righttttttt?? Well Im in full blown panic mode now. Where do yo start???   For years Amaya has had a theme in mind. So naturally now thats its literally months away all those dreams and years of having one theme in mind is totally out the window.

I’ve prepared a checklist for myself… keep in mind the party is this fall so lets see if I can follow thru with my list:

                          1) Find Venu

                         2) Decide on a Theme (stick to it)

                         3) Decide if you want a Court and then decide which”friends”you want to be in it. Pick wisely, (lets be honest High School can be a wild ride)

                         4) Find a Photographer

                         5) Find a DJ

                         6) Find a Dress or two

                        7) Decide if you need a limo or car service

  This list is a starting point. Im sure this will change and will be altered as the days go by. But what i do know is that  Pinterest has become my best friend. There are millions and millions of ideas to help with every aspect from the beginning to the end.(Not Sponsored). I’ve recently started checking out all of our local craft stores to find ideas as well. Overwhelming in a understatement. But Im sure these couple of months will go by quickly. I will keep all my readers with updates of  #AmayaSweet16 . Feel free to come along our journey to the perfect Sweet on our Social Media. Twitter, Instagram,Facebook