The Best Swing Ever. SuperSpinner Review.


Recently we caught up with PlayMonster , and was introduced to an amazing swing. Its called the SuperSpinner. It comes in two sizes and very easy to hook up to an existing play set or hang off a good ol’ fashion tree.

We chose to attach to our existing playset .It literally took longer to take out the box then set it up. Everything you need already comes with your swing.


No more legs being stuck in the swings and no more worrying about your child getting hurt climbing into a tradtional swing. My girls are in love. Thank goodness the weather here is finally getting warmer and they will be able to use. I foresee plenty of summer outside play and as a mom that can’t make me happier. I recommend this swing for the kids and for the bigger kid at heart.




The SuperSpinner  is available is two sizes the SuperSpinner and the SuperDuperSpinner. The SuperSpinner holds up to 200 lbs and holds up to 2 children safety. The Super Duper Spinner’s round swing seat, adjustable ropes and weather-resistant clips ensure your children’s safety when riding . The Super Duper Spinner swing supports up to 650 lbs. The SuperSpinner is currently available at Walmart, Amazon and HomeDepot. The SuperDuperSpinner is available on Amazon. Also available is a Tree kit to attach your new swing to a tree.The Super Tree Swing Hanging Kit includes a rope, stainless steel rope adjuster, and a locking safety clip for optional use. This simple hanging kit makes it easy to adjust the height and level of your tree swing. All you need is the hanging kit and a sturdy 10”-12” diameter branch.