All New Bob The Builder



Hey guys! Who do you know who doesn’t love Bob and his awesome friends? We love them and my daughters have grown up watching the show for years on PBS KIDS.

Now theres a Brand new cast on the show and it pretty cool. This week the girls and I enjoyed a great afternoon with Bob the builder himself. The girls enjoyed meeting Troy the artist that creates the designs for the new amazing toys with Fisher Price. Troy was even nice enough to draw a cartoon character based on Hailey’s awesome vest. The characters name was Louis and was joined by his fat cat friend Charlotte.

IMG_4915 IMG_4854

My little junior builders enjoyed crafting here very own vest to look just like BOB.

 IMG_4909IMG_4905 IMG_4904IMG_4911


All new Bob the Builder episodes are currently playing on PBS Kids or the new cast is so delightful and better animated in my opinion. There is of course Bob and Wendy, Scoop, Muck, Dizzy,Roley,Lofty,Two-Toned and Tiny. The new episodes started airing in November 2015. Alyssa and Hailey even enjoyed watching snippets of new episodes with Bob .Check your local listings to find out when your littles one can watch all new episodes.


There are also a new line of the coolest toys available from Fisher Price. Check them out at your local Toy Stores. Toys range from $6.99 and up. Very reasonably priced for the little builders in your life.