Bounty’s Memorable First Moments Birthday Bash with Kristin Cavallari



**This post was sponsored in collaboration with Bounty. All opinions are truthful and based on the experience of the writer.

    So last week we where Invited to a awesome Bounty event with along with Kristen Cavallari to celebrate Bounty’s memorable first moments birthday bash!!

Whether you’re celebrating a first birthday or teaching your little ones how to use utensils, life is made up of many messy firsts. As a mother of 3 myself I’m well aware of how messy play time ,dinner or just anytime can be . Bounty has played a big part of clean up time. Alyssa along with other little ones where able to make there own mess without getting in trouble!! First Alyssa was able to make a messy but beautiful hand art with paint. With the help of Bounty’s tough and durable paper towels along with warm water ,paint messiness was all gone which helped out to get that big ol smile from her!!



Alyssa then moved on to create a beautiful bouquet of paper towel roses. See bounty is great for cleaning messes and creating beautiful art for tiny hands. Drip Painting is perfect for little hands and opens up a there creative juices. By using non-toxic water based paint makes clean up easier and safe on any child or mommy! Simply get a couple pieces if bounty paper towel and twist, and either tape the stem or use a pip cleaner to hold the flower together and paint.  When your little one is done creating hang dry for a couple minutes. Then you have a simple beautiful flower craft to show off your little ones talent.

img_3685img_3636 .img_3682img_3634img_3637

Next what Alyssa was able to create her very own smash cake. This by far was her best thing to do. My little baker in training. She was able to design her smash cake to her liking along with Kristin. Frosting the cake was super fun but the smashing it was the ultimate fun had by Alyssa!




So to say the least Alyssa enjoyed her messy day but thanks to Bounty always being the best in being the Quicker Picker Upper it made our day great. For more info on Bounty and any of the there products, crafts and tips please visit them

Alyssa was all cleaned up and ready to go ! Thanks Bounty!!!



Now my question to you all .. how messy can your kids get???? please send me pictures or stories.. Here is just a few pictures of the mess my little one was able to make…


Now thats a bounty to the rescue kind of mess!!!!